Four Tips for Maintaining Your Goal Weight

Not only is losing weight hard, it’s even more difficult to keep it off in the long run. By some estimates, over 90% of those who slim down will gradually put the weight back on. The good news is, research shows people who make key lifestyle changes, such as working with a wellness coach, are more successful at keeping the weight off.

Our weight loss experts share four strategies you can incorporate into your weight maintenance plan to make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Partner with a nutrition coach

Reaching your goal weight is something to celebrate and feel wonderful about, but the work isn’t over. Weight is a sneaky thing. It can creep on slowly when you least expect it, and before you know it, you’ve regained a good portion of what you lost.

We’ve found certain traits and strategies that help keep the weight off over the long haul. One of those strategies is partnering with an EMP180⁰ Weight Loss™ Nutrition Coach. It’s easy to slide back into old ways if you don’t maintain the new healthy habits and behaviors that have gotten you to this point.

A nutrition coach can help you with:

Don’t skip check-ins

It’s easy to feel you can skip weekly check-ins with your nutrition or wellness coach. You may feel you’ve reached your goal weight and no longer need weekly checks. We recommend seeing an EMP180⁰ Weight Loss™ professional at least once a week. Here’s why it’s important for maintaining your goal weight.

Weekly check-ins can:

Set new goals

An excellent way to maintain your goal weight is to set new goals. Living healthy is about more than the number on the scale. Now that you’ve reached a weight where you feel and look your best, you can set goals that keep you motivated and help keep the weight off for good.

Non-scale goals play an important role in living healthy as a permanent way of life, instead of just a temporary way to get to your goal weight. An EMP180⁰ Weight Loss™ Wellness Coach can help you come up with ideas for goals unrelated to the scale that will keep you feeling great.

Some examples are:

Communicate what isn’t working

Communicating openly and honestly is the only way any program can work for you. Whether you’re meeting with your wellness coach to discuss fitness goals or you’re checking in with your nutritional coach, it’s important to communicate your needs. If part of your maintenance plan isn’t working for you, your coach can make changes so you continue to maintain your weight loss.

Whether you’re no longer enjoying the activities in your fitness plan, or you’re getting bored with your meals, your coach can help you make the right changes to keep you on track.

You can win the weight loss game with the help of a weight loss and wellness professional. If you’re aiming to keep the weight off, get in touch with the team at EMP180⁰ Weight Loss™ to request your initial consultation. For more information, call your preferred location.

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