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Effective. Comprehensive. One-on-One Counseling

EMPowering your employees to a lifestyle change.

Our multiple step weight loss program is helping individuals just like yourself. We want to assist your employees and co-workers to lose weight easily and comfortably, changing their health and lives forever.

We will work with your business to determine the best way to deliver our EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss program to your employees. As we suspect you are aware, studies have shown the negative effect of businesses of having overweight and unhealthy employees. The financial impact on your business can be overwhelming and that is one reason we at EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss have developed our EMP 180⁰ Corporate Program.

We can provide your company with group presentations about our program and then conduct one-on-one body compositions and consultations with your staff either on-site or at the closest EMP 180⁰ location. We will give your company the same personalized attention that we provide all our clients. Our coaches and nutritionists will come to your offices and work with your employees to develop individualized programs. Our corporate program is flexible, and we are prepared to offer the best solution for you and your business. We look forward to teaming up with your company to help change the lives and health of your most valuable asset – your employees!



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