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“Employee weight and health can be a bellwether or a ‘canary in a coal mine’ of how the overall business is functioning.” - Forbes, Sept. 2015

At EMP180 Weight Loss we are already helping dozens of working professionals with their weight management needs. Whether the client is a chef, lawyer, salesperson, or IT worker, we acknowledge that sticking with weight loss programs can be difficult when stress and busy schedules interfere. All programs are customized to fit the range of needs and commitments that we see every day. The programs are structured to enforce accountability yet flexible enough to accommodate our clients’ hectic lives.

EMP180 Weight Loss has developed a corporate program specifically to address the issue of weight loss in the workplace. Studies have shown that healthier employees are more productive, happier, and less costly, and that goals are best achieved through support structures that reinforce good habits. Our program enables your employees to gain access to our resources at their convenience, including personalized nutrition plans, one on one coaching, body composition assessments, and more. The goal is to EMPower clients to lose weight easily, comfortably, and with the support of their employers.

Corporate Programs include:

  • Educational group presentations on weight loss research, healthy-habit building, and more
  • Body composition assessments for each participating employee
  • One on one, in-person coaching with our professionals
  • Personalized meal plans and nutrition counseling
  • Recurring check-ins for accountability
  • Incentives for top-performing employees
  • Seminars for continued learning
  • Pricing incentives and group discounts



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