My physician recently diagnosed me with Type 2 Diabetes and suggested that I find an exercise plan in order to lose some weight. Can you help?  -MIKE

Mike - Thanks for contacting us.  Although we are primarily a weight loss program, we do provide coaching related to exercising during and after a client’s weight loss program.  You have come to the right place!  We have helped many diabetics, and many of our Type 2 diabetics have balanced their blood sugar levels, normalized their A1C’s and decreased or even been able to stop taking all of their medication.  The EMP180⁰ Weight Loss program focuses on diet and nutrition, as well as the Inner Diet reasons (subconscious habits) and, of course, the behaviors that lead to a person's weight gain.  Don’t worry—you won’t be hungry; we are not a starvation diet.  We focus on the education of what to eat, not on ‘under’ eating.  As mentioned, we will also still help you incorporate a reasonable exercise plan into your program. Mike, we look forward to meeting you and helping your health and life change direction forever!



As I’ve grown older, I’ve put on some weight and try to lose it, but I have never been able to.  I’m 73 and right now weigh 160 pounds.  I hear from others that when you get older it's virtually impossible to lose weight.  I know I can’t get back to the weight I was before I had my daughter, but I would at least like to lose 10 pounds before my granddaughter’s wedding this summer.  –EILEEN

Eileen -  Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t get back to the weight that made you feel good, happy and healthy! There is no reason you should be carrying around any extra weight now or can’t get back to the weight you were before you had your daughter.  Losing the first 10 pounds you mentioned will be easy; our goal will then be to bring you into your EMPowered Weight which is the healthiest weight for you. This is when you reach your ideal body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage and visceral fat is at your healthy level thus, allowing your body to perform at its highest nutritional level.  We wouldn’t be surprised if you reach that high school weight and maintain it forever!  Our program is perfect for all ages, and you’ll see that age doesn’t make much of a difference at all in changing your health and improving your life forever.



I’ve been on so many diets!  I think is has been 11 diets over the past 8 or 9 years.  I have no trouble losing the weight on a program, but I just can’t keep it off.  It returns in many cases faster than I lost it.  Nothing works! I’m so sick and tired of wasting all the money and time and effort, and just want to stay slim. Is it even worth coming in to EMP180⁰ –DEBBIE

Debbie - We completely understand your frustration, and you are not alone! You work hard and see results, only to do it all over again!  First thing to mention, your pattern of being able to lose weight is a positive and we can add the one thing that you’ve been missing; the ability to keep the weight off.  This is where we are different from the other programs, we will help you make your full ‘180°’ transformation, and stay on the new diet and health direction you set for yourself. Once you reach your EMPowered Weight, we will work with you on determining your body’s unique dietary needs to maintain your weight loss.  This is what we refer to as EMPowered Maintenance.  After you complete the weight loss phase of our program, you will come in for frequent EMPowered Weigh-ins forever at no charge.  We will always be here as a resource to help you and support you.  Weight loss is not just during the program, the key is maintaining the loss after the program is over.  Our program is continuous.  For example, if you gained weight over the holidays, we want to help you lose it using whole foods.  During your EMPowered Weigh-in, our staff of dietitians/nutritionists will work with you on a plan to correct any gains you may have had.  We are always with you and you are not alone. after you lose the weight you won’t have to worry about gaining it back, forever.



My wife and I want to discuss joining EMP180⁰ along with our 18-year-old daughter.  She is about to start her first year of college, and we can all use to lose a little weight. Is there an age limit? Is there a group discount? -PETER

Peter - We are pleased to hear that you want to learn more about EMP180⁰ Weight loss and perhaps start with your family!  We have learned that a support system at home is so helpful in ensuring a client’s success in the program.  Any individual over the age of 16 may enroll in the EMP180° program (as long as they are within the health parameters).  Specifically, for your daughter, there is no better gift you can give her than the gift of health. The knowledge she (along with you and your wife) will receive on healthy weight loss and maintenance will give her added confidence as she leaves for college.  As for your family joining together, yes, we would be able to provide a group rate for your family.  Your EMP180⁰ Weight Loss coach will cover your family’s investment in further detail during your initial consultation.



I am 38 years old, played football in college at University of Maryland and was very fit and had little body fat back then. Now I work 60 hours a week in the District and don’t have time for exercise.  I’ve exercised to lose weight before, but now I just don’t have the time or energy.  Can you still help me? –GARY

Gary - Exercise is important, however, your weight gain issue can easily be corrected with your personalized EMP180⁰ program that is based upon your individual needs and tailored to your busy schedule.  Our goal is to make your life easier, especially with a lifestyle like yours. We encourage you, Gary, to come in, complete your personal health summary and go through a sophisticated in-depth body composition analysis so we can collaboratively plan your personalized program.  We have seen many clients who were very active and athletic several years ago, and these clients are very successful in changing their weight and health while on the EMP180⁰ program.   We’ve learned their past history of exercising, eating healthier, and knowing their body helps greatly when they are on our program.  Given your age, obvious desire and past experience, we believe you will soon see it will be easy to make your full 180°.



I am what I call a constant dieter and have done so many diet programs that the thought of spending more money on another weight loss diet makes me sick. It is not just the money, it is more the feeling of being a complete failure.  I get all excited about losing weight and then when I get hungry after the first few days to a week, I just pig out and quit.  I think I weigh 220 pounds and am 5’5” with the majority of my weight in my butt, belly, arms and face.  I think I need to lose 80 pounds, which makes me sick because just 10 years ago I was 140 pounds and was happy with the way I looked.  I recently overheard some folks talking about EMP180° in Starbucks, but I am too embarrassed to even call your office. –SAMANTHA

Samantha - You are not alone, and it is also not your fault!  We have heard so many stories like yours, and we want you to know that positive changes in your diet and health are possible!  We look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your diet history in your initial consultation.  At this point, we suspect that you may have a history of following low calorie diets, correct?  We can imagine you were literally starving yourself and not getting enough food, and especially not the right kind of food that your unique body type specifically needs. You should never be hungry on a diet.  If a client tells us that they are hungry on their EMP180° program, it is a signal to us that perhaps we need to adjust their food selections and provide more food.  We are sorry to hear about your past experiences, and want to assure you that this will not happen to you with the EMP180° program. Every person/body is unique; no two people react the same metabolically therefore, individual dietary needs must always be taken into consideration when starting a weight loss program. Sometimes, it can take a few days of being on a new program to uncover one’s unique needs, so we urge our new clients to keep in more frequent communication with their EMP 180° coaches in the initial stages of the program.  Continued communication with our EMP180⁰ coaches throughout the entirety of the program is vital to one’s success. You are not a failure, Samantha, and we are excited to coach and educate you on how to lose it and keep it off forever!




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