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An EMPowering, personalized weight loss and wellness program designed for every lifestyle.  

How it works

The EMP180° program emphasizes the correct balance of macronutrients that guarantees long-term weight loss. The program targets body fat while preserving muscle mass. Our EMP180° protein rich foods, combined with nutritional guidance, help our clients achieve a balanced diet that addresses their health needs. Upon achieving weight loss goals, we work with clients on a transition plan that will address one of the biggest challenges of weight loss - keeping it off!


EMP 180° Inner Diet

At EMP180° , we believe that addressing weight loss from the inside out is critical to long term success. Helping our clients develop a healthy relationship with food is paramount.

To compliment and strengthen our weight loss program, EMP180°  has collaborated with psychologist Dr. John H. Sklare to develop the Inner Diet. We offer the Inner Diet Assessment, which assists in uncovering the underlying psychological and emotional triggers that have made it difficult for clients to manage their weight. By identifying the areas that contribute to weight gain (or that impede weight loss), clients can form new behaviors and thought patterns that will enable them to keep the weight off for life!

In addition, we encourage and offer meditations, podcasts and other resources that can be used in our offices. We explore topics including: perfectionism, craving identification and management, stress, boredom and mindful eating.


EMP 180 Exercise Program

Ready to get the most out of your personalized weight loss program? The EMP180° Program is designed to transform our clients’ Personal Body Composition. With our nutritional coaching and customized meal planning we help our clients decrease their body fat and increase their muscle mass. As a result, most clients will also experience an increase in their basal metabolic rate, a measurement of calories burned while at rest. Our program also improves metabolic age, an estimate of how optimally the body is functioning. Additionally, the EMP180° Weight Loss coaches have the expertise to recommend the ideal exercise program tailored to the client’s individual needs and ability. If a client already adheres to a specific exercise routine, we will work to balance their macronutrients to optimize performance.

While on program, recommend a brisk 20-30 minute walk daily. Upon graduation, we encourage our clients to make exercise a key component of their healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Benefits

  • Improved weight loss results through increased calorie burn and metabolism
  • Healthy muscles, bones and joints
  • Improved psychological well-being; reduced depression and anxiety
  • Reduced risk of developing diseases including: heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc.
  • Reduced stress and cortisol levels which can affect weight loss
  • Better sleep

* Before any exercise program first consult with your medical physician.




Our Innovative Technologies



EMPowerment Audio Program


Studies have shown that individuals needing to lose weight that regularly use vibration equipment while on a weight loss program, had more long-term weight-loss and dropped more fat around their abdomen (visceral) than people who didn't use a vibration machine. Our EMP180⁰ Weight Loss clients love using the vibration/oscillation platform and enjoy the benefits they see while on our program and after they reach their EMPowered Weight.


Our EMPowered Audio Program is designed to address the client’s sub-conscious behaviors that have led to their unhealthy eating habits. Along with the EMP 180° Inner Diet we have created a personalized hypnosis process which has been proven in numerous studies to increase the success of life style changes. Our EMPowered Audio Program is designed to help lose weight by EMPowering our clients to manage stress and anxiety, sharpen their mental focus, overcome fears, conquer cravings and reduce dependencies.



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