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An individualized approach to achievable and sustainable weight loss


How it works

EMP 180° Weight Loss combines the most advanced nutritional sciences of weight loss. We coach our clients the ease of healthy meal preparation, provide dining out food selection skills, and we educate them on importance of the frequency of meals and snacks. In addition, we apply the EMP inner coaching technique to address the physiological and emotional reasons that lead to weight increases. EMP 180° Weight Loss helps our clients enhance their positive ways of thinking to create rewarding and amazing results from their personalized nutritional program.

We provide an EMPowering support and weight loss program to help ensure weight loss forever.


EMP 180° Inner Diet

Per numerous published reports, most people fail at weight control. The reason for their failure rate is the lack of knowledge, focus and attention given to the underlying thoughts and behaviors that trigger, motivate and sustain overeating. EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss helps our clients to address more than just weight. We help our clients address the underlying issues that trigger their weight gain and their inability to lose weight on their own. The EMP 180⁰ Inner Diet Personal Assessment System is a simple and effective way to help us coach our clients in addressing their inner reasons for weight gain.


EMP 180 Exercise Program

A brisk 20/30-minute walk daily is recommended for our EMP 180° Weight Loss clients; in addition, we will gradually introduce our clients to the EMP 180⁰ Muscle Program. This program is designed to assist our clients in the transformation of their Personal Body Composition. While body fat decreases due to the nutritional coaching and foods from our program, will also be increasing the client’s muscle mass. This combination leads in most cases to an improved basal metabolic rate for the client and therefore can drop their metabolic age, in many cases 10 to 15 years. The EMP 180° Weight Loss coaches direct each client to the ideal exercise program for their needs and ability.

* Before any exercise program first consult with your medical physician.



Our Innovative Technologies



EMPowerment Audio Program

Studies have shown that individuals needing to lose weight that regularly use vibration equipment while on a weight loss program, had more long-term weight-loss and dropped more fat around their abdomen (visceral) than people who didn't use a vibration machine. Our EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss clients love using the vibration/oscillation platform and enjoy the benefits they see while on our program and after they reach their EMPowered Weight.

Our EMPowered Audio Program is designed to address the client’s sub-conscious behaviors that have led to their unhealthy eating habits. Along with the EMP 180° Inner Diet we have created a personalized hypnosis process which has been proven in numerous studies to increase the success of life style changes. Our EMPowered Audio Program is designed to help lose weight by EMPowering our clients to manage stress and anxiety, sharpen their mental focus, overcome fears, conquer cravings and reduce dependencies.



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