The EMP 180⁰ Remote Client Program


Can’t come to EMP180° Weight Loss, no problem we can come to you!


  1. Do you want to lose weight, but our locations are not convenient for you?
  2. Do you want to change your health but don't have time due to your busy schedule?
  3. Do you want to lose weight, change the direction of your life, and become healthier?



Learn how to BEGIN – EMPower Yourself now!


Here's how EMP180⁰ Remote Client works



We send you a Scale, the EMP Audio Program and more

We'll send you a full body composition monitor/weight scale and other items which will provide your EMP coaches with the data the needed to guide you to your EMPowered Weight.


Live weekly meetings with an EMP Coach via video or audio

At a prearranged time, you and your coaches will have remote private sessions to ensure you receive the support and assistance needed to guide you to success!


Weekly Food Shipments

We will send you timely regular shipments of our healthy and tasty EMP180° food products.



Support Forever

Once you achieve your EMPowered Weight, our coaches and nutritional staff will be with you forever to ensure you maintain your loss, forever for FREE!



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