Felice is a true creative and enjoys bringing her talents, energy and enthusiasm to EMP every single day. She’s one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet, and she wants all of her clients to discover the same passion for healthy living that she did.


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Jane joined the EMP180° Weight Loss team after successfully completing the program herself. She loves helping her clients adopt healthier lifestyles just like her coaches did for her. Jane brings a lot of enthusiasm to the job and credits her daily workouts for giving her the energy to inspire her clients.


Nerri is EMP’s lone Aussie and she is a “fan favorite”. She greets every client with kindness and compassion and her Australian accent makes even the toughest message seem gentle and kind. After a good week you’ll hear Nerri say “good on you” and if you’ve had a challenging week you’ll still leave with a smile on your face.


Goran is an inspiration to everyone he encounters. He is one of EMPs most memorable employees for all of the right reasons- he is the only male staff member and he is one of our most impressive clients. Having lost 200 pounds on the EMP program, Goran clearly walks the walk.


Danielle believes in an integrative and holistic approach to health and wellness. She enjoys helping her clients reach their maximum health potential by making small but sustainable changes that address the mind, body and spirit.


After spending several years in the technology industry, Alison discovered that her true passion was in motivating people. She loves working at EMP because it allows her to combine her business background with her desire to help her clients achieve optimal health through diet, nutrition and exercise. She enjoys having a sense of purpose and making a difference in people’s lives.