Regional Sales and Marketing Manager

Locations: Alexandria | Ashburn | Potomac | TysonsRockville  |  Woodbridge

After spending several years in the technology industry, Alison discovered that her true passion was in motivating people. She loves working at EMP because it allows her to combine her business background with her desire to help her clients achieve optimal health through diet, nutrition and exercise. She enjoys having a sense of purpose and making a difference in people’s lives.

After watching her father suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, Alison became interested in understanding how brain health is affected by diet and exercise. She studied the impact of sugar and unhealthy carbs on inflammation and disease and soon adopted her own low carb healthy eating plan. She noticed, almost immediately, that she felt better—fewer headaches and more energy.

Alison used to be a Bikram Yoga enthusiast but has given up the yoga studio for the weight room. Since working at EMP she’s discovered the value of protein and building muscle as we age and she continues to improve her own body composition through healthy eating and an active lifestyle. She encourages her clients to find balance in their lives and admits to an occasional pizza binge. Alison invests in all of her clients and loves to hear their personal stories. She is inspired by her clients as well as the amazing people that she works with.

When Alison isn’t at EMP you will find her spending time with her husband and her three grown children. She believes deeply in the healing power of meditation and continues to hone her own meditation skills. She’s passionate about sports, shopping and travel. Her personal philosophy is never act your age and approach every day with a sense of humor.