Assistant Manager/Health Coachitle

Locations: Rockville, MD

Brianna strives to help others reach their fullest potential. With a background in psychology, she believes in a multidimensional approach to fitness; where physical, mental and social well-being are all important to a healthy lifestyle.

Helping her clients transform into their best self is the most inspiring part of her work

 As a former D1 Athlete, Brianna has always understood the importance of proper nutrition. However, it wasn’t until she suffered a career ending injury and could no longer be as active as she once was, that nutrition became a real passion. As a result, she strives to educate others on the balance of nutrition and exercise. In her spare time, Brianna likes to keep up with her childhood passion by watching/playing various sports and stays active with her dog, Inde.

Briana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The George Washington University.