Health Coach

Locations: Ashburn, VA

Eloisa has had a passion for nutrition and exercise since she was a little girl. Because she grew up on an island, she experienced the benefit of farm to table eating and learned the importance of a healthy active lifestyle.

Eloisa has her Bachelors degree is Dietetics and is passionate about exercise and nutrition and loves talking to her clients about how to properly fuel their bodies for optimal performance.

Her focus as a health coach is to educate clients on how to have a healthy relationship with food. She believes in balance and encourages her clients to aim for progress not perfection. At EMP her goal is to share her knowledge of nutrition and motivate every client to feel their best.

When she’s not at EMP, you will find Eloisa working out, playing sports, traveling, or spending time with her dog and/or loved ones. When she’s not at home, her favorite place to be is at the beach. Eloisa de-stresses by going on long runs with her dog. She enjoys being busy and believes in the value of hard work. Her favorite quote is “Dreams only come to those who work the hardest”.