Health Coach

Location:  Woodbridge, VA

Felice is a true creative and enjoys bringing her talents, energy and enthusiasm to EMP every single day. She’s one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet, and she wants all of her clients to discover the same passion for healthy living that she did.

After successfully completing the EMP program herself, Felice had a strong desire to share her newfound passion for health and wellness with others. She began her journey with EMP one year ago as a client. Like many women in their 50s she was unable to figure out how to lose that stubborn 15 pounds and she discovered that many of the foods and eating habits that she thought were healthy were actually causing her to gain weight. When Felice was on the EMP program she was “all in”. She followed the program precisely, asked great questions and really wanted to understand the science behind healthy weight loss. When she completed the program, Felice felt better than she had in twenty years and was determined to share her knowledge with others.

Felice loves working at EMP. Her coaching style is upbeat, engaging and empathetic. As a former client, she loves sharing her personal story and enjoys giving her clients the same knowledge and tools that she learned so they can be successful too!

Healthy living and being creative are very important to Felice. She’s a Virginia Tech graduate, interior designer and a well-known pet portrait artist. Aside from working at EMP, Felice has many passions including travelling, painting and spending time with her family. She has also recently become addicted to OTF (Orange Theory).