Office Associate

Location: Tysons, VAWoodbridge, VA  |  Alexandria, VA

Goran is an inspiration to everyone he encounters. He is one of EMPs most memorable employees for all of the right reasons—he is the only male staff member and he is one of our most impressive clients.  Having lost 200 pounds on the EMP program, Goran clearly walks the walk. He is an invaluable resource to the coaches at EMP as he helps them understand the challenges and mindset of someone with a very long weight loss journey.

Goran loves to talk with clients about his personal journey with weight loss and his experience with EMP. He often says that EMP gave him is life back and he continues to be grateful for the support and guidance they provide him. Goran empathizes and enjoys motivating struggling clients. He believes he can make a difference because his story is so relatable. Goran is very in tune with his body and appreciates how his body feels when he is eating healthy. He also believes healthy shouldn’t be complicated. Goran attributes exercise, especially weight lifting, to helping him maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Outside of work, Goran enjoys an active social life. He loves spending time with his family and friends, attending live music events and is a loyal Washington DC sports fan. When he’s not at EMP or in the weight room, you will probably find him working on his golf game or studying for his CPA.