Health Coach

Location: Tysons, VA

Houra has passion for making others feel good about themselves and she believes that having a fit body is important to having a healthy self- image. Houra has a passion for sports nutrition and loves working with both adults as well as children. She encourages her clients to have a healthy relationship with food, and believes in intuitive eating, a balanced diet and moderation.

Houra is positive and energetic and she loves connecting with her clients. She encourages her clients to push boundaries, experiment with new foods and to embrace an active lifestyle. She believes her name pronounced “Hoora” was given to her for the purpose of cheering up others and bringing happiness to people.  “Hip Hip Hooray!”

Houra is a hard worker, loves to learn and embraces her personal philosophy of “Never Give Up”. When she is not at EMP, she enjoys yoga, meditation, reading, writing and travelling. She also loves fashion; her friends call her the Fashion Nutrishionista!

Houra is a certified nutritionist and is hoping to complete her RD Certification within the next year.  Her research on the Risk Factors for Overweight and Obesity Among Different Ethnicities is under publication.