Health Coach

Locations: Woodbridge, VA

Jane joined the EMP180° Weight Loss team after successfully completing the program herself. She loves helping her clients adopt healthier lifestyles just like her coaches did for her. Jane brings a lot of enthusiasm to the job and credits her daily workouts for giving her the energy to inspire her clients.

Jane is passionate about exercise and she encourages all of her clients to start moving. When Jane is not at EMP you can usually find her at Orange Theory. She has found that over the years, when she is healthy and strong, she can take better care of those around her. Jane loves hearing about the renewed energy her clients feel when they lose weight and start incorporating exercise into their daily routine. Her personal journey helps her to inspire her clients to lead healthier lives through exercise and nutrition. The stories about how much better they feel and how much more energy they have are endless!

Janes holds a BS from Michigan State University