Health Coach

Location: Woodbridge, VA

Nerri is EMP’s lone Aussie and she is a “fan favorite”. She greets every client with kindness and compassion and her Australian accent makes even the toughest message seem gentle and kind. After a good week you’ll hear Nerri say “good on you” and if you’ve had a challenging week you’ll still leave with a smile on your face.

Nerri brings years of experience in the field of weight loss and she loves coaching and motivating clients to achieve their goals. Nerri’s past struggles with weight help her to understand firsthand the emotional challenges that accompany successful weight loss. She relates well to all of her clients and understands that feeling confident and in control of your life doesn’t always translate to healthy eating habits.  Nerri enjoys providing a toolbox to her clients and loves watching them use these tools to build a healthy relationship with food.

Nerri is a citizen of the world who has lived on three continents, traveled extensively and is fluent in Dutch. She has an eye for beauty and uses her artistic talents to turn simple things—from food to gardens to chalkboards into beautiful works of art.   Early morning workouts, practicing reiki and meditation help bring balance to her life. Having grown up on the coast of Australia, swimming in the sea was a big part of life. When Nerri goes on vacation she loves waking up to the healing power of the sounds and smell of the ocean as they bring back fond childhood memories and help to energize her. Nerri loves “empty-nesting.” When she’s not at EMP you will find her spending time with her husband, two cats and her adult children.