Manager, Consultant, Health Coach

Locations: Rockville, MD 

Serena is a Consultant and Coach at EMP180. Not only does she talk the talk, she also walks the walk. Serena’s personal weight struggles started at a very young age and have given her the passion to want to help others.

She provides practical solutions to everyday life situations, empowering clients to reach their healthy weight through proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

Serena looks forward to meeting each new client, assessing their needs and starting them on the road to success. The complete body transformations, excitement, pride and smiles she witnesses daily from her clients are what inspires her.  Changing the lives of others for the better is the most rewarding part of coaching at EMP180°. Serena doesn’t consider this a job, because she is doing what she loves.

Serena is a Certified Health Coach, Weight Loss Specialist, and former Personal Trainer. She holds a BS in Education from West Virginia University.