Rockville, Maryland

We want to inspire and educate our clients throughout their weight loss journeys.

Our Rockville coaches will provide you the personalized support and guidance that will empower you to succeed.

We know that losing weight can be a challenging process, requiring critical and sometimes difficult lifestyle changes. Many of our clients come into EMP180° having tried many different programs without seeing long-term, lasting results.

We’ve made it our mission to be different — and to be the last weight loss program you’ll need. We give our clients the tools to lose the weight and EMPower them to keep it off forever. We believe weight loss is a team effort, and our Rockville coaches invest in your long-term success and support you every step of the way.

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Our Location:

1776 East Jefferson Street
Suite 117
Rockville, MD 20852

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Our Rockville location is easy to find and has an abundance of parking available. Look for us near the Panera on East Jefferson Street just off of Montrose Road.

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Our highly qualified Rockville staff gives all of their clients the time and attention they deserve. They love educating and sharing their passion for health, wellness and fitness. Just like some of our clients, several of our Rockville coaches have experienced their own health challenges and relate well to clients with food sensitives and allergies.

  • Nancy Danos here! It works and is easy to follow and you won't be hungry! I have struggled with weight loss all my life, l am ever so happy that... read more

    N Tg

    I lost 54 pounds over the course of 9 months by using the EMP180 program. The people here are very friendly and seemed to genuinely care about my progress and... read more

    Meredith McCulley

    Great assistance and a talking point to be open about eating behavior.


    The people here are unfailingly cheerful and positive. They encourage, make suggestions and are very helpful in the weight loss journey. I hope to return to them in the... read more

    marilyn richert
  • I went to EMP because I am having problems with high blood pressure, high blood sugar and sleep apnea. I quickly lost enough weight that I'm am now... read more

    golfer 979

    Weight loss is hard. I've been on and off various programs for most of my adult life. What I've found to be differentiating and valuable about EMP 180... read more

    Laura Riccio

    I have never been keen on diet food, so I was skeptical when I learned I needed to eat their special diet food in the beginning. However, I signed... read more

    Linda Freeman

    I had a great experience with Kurt at the Tysons's office of EMP 180 Weight Loss. I lost over 50 lbs in just over 5 months going from 248... read more

    Jeff Foltz
  • As with any effort like this, its not automatic. You have to work at it with strong discipline. EMP provides a way that absolutely works if you hold the line.

    Dennis Starliper

    EMP180 is the program for you if you have tried every which way to lose weight and never hit your goals. I spent my entire adult life in the diet... read more

    Danielle Tellier

    Thanks to my wife''s encouragement I signed-up for the EMP-180 program. To be honest, I never really expected the program to work, partly because it is difficult for me to... read more

    Michael Adler

    Been using the COVID-19 home detention "opportunity" to really focus on the staying with the EMP-180 program. The results are awesome - I've lost the nine pounds I gained over... read more

    david nellis
  • The EMP180 experience has changed my life and I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking to get control of their health and lose weight. The staff is... read more

    Andrew Rose

    I needed to lose more than 30 lbs at the request of my doctor because I was on the very cusp of becoming a diabetic! At 77 years of... read more

    Donald Hemke

    I researched many programs before starting my weight loss journey. The ability to maintain muscle mass while losing body fat was a must. EMP does just that! Plus they are... read more

    Carmen Giannini

    Worked with them for 9 weeks and lost 45lbs! Kurt was awesome to work with. They always motivate you even when you step off course. They have... read more

    Tariq Amin

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