Lifelong Weight Loss Support

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Meeting EMPowered goals enables clients to enjoy continued access to all of our services including nutritional coaching and counseling, meal planning and weigh-ins.......for life! This type of support contributes to weight loss sustainability and overall health. EMP180's unique support system encourages the lifestyles changes that enable our clients to keep the weight off for life! Visit us at one of our Virginia locations in Vienna, Woodbridge, Alexandria or Ashburn. We are also located in Rockville, MD. To schedule a consultation, call EMP180⁰ Weight Loss today.

Lifelong Weight Loss Support Q & A

What services are included once I meet my EMPowered goals?

Our "graduates" continue to visit one of our locations for weekly weigh-ins and meetings with our Nutrition and Wellness Coaches. During the initial transition we recommend weekly check-ins. Once our clients feel comfortable, we will recommend biweekly check-ins and eventually monthly. Each appointment as a graduate includes a body composition analysis and nutritional counseling and meal planning. Our coaches develop a macronutrient profile that is customized to meet our client’s healthy weight goals. We stress the importance of healthy eating and offer these maintenance services as a tool for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Meeting your EMPowered goals ensures lifetime support from the EMP180 Team!

What if I want to re-start the program?

Of course! Whether you are interested in additional weight loss or simply want to start the EMP180 program again, our coaches can devise the best plan to get you to your new goals.

Why is life-long support important?

Life-long support insures healthy habits learned on the program become long-lasting behaviors. It is important to develop healthy eating patterns that are sustainable over a lifetime. This lifestyle change is a process, and our EMP180 staff will help to educate clients about the correct macronutrients and eating patterns necessary to insure lasting success. This nutritional advice combined with the emotional support promotes accountability and encourages behavioral changes that will ensure you maintain your healthy lifestyle.