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At EMP180⁰ we take weight loss personal. Every client is unique and all of our programs are customized to meet the needs of the individual. Our one-on-one approach in a relaxed, private setting is designed to help clients achieve their personal goals. Our experienced staff includes certified nutritionists and dieticians who will counsel you throughout your weight loss journey. The experienced nutrition coaches at EMP180⁰ Weight Loss are ready to help. Visit us at one of our Virginia locations in Vienna, Woodbridge, Alexandria or Ashburn. We are also located in Rockville, MD. To schedule a consultation, call EMP180⁰ Weight Loss today.

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Q & A

What is an EMP180 Nutrition and Wellness Coach?

EMP Nutrition and Wellness coaches are wellness professionals who work with clients one-on-one to help them successfully navigate the EMP180 program and achieve their personal wellness goals. EMP180 Coaches provide the proper guidance and support that enables clients to discover the foods and lifestyle changes that make them feel their best. Our coaches are accountability partners, ultimately empowering clients to take responsibility for their health and assisting them with making the lifestyle choices that will insure long term success. Our coaches educate, motivate and EMPower our clients to lose the weight and keep it off.

What type of support will I get from an EMP180 Nutritional and Wellness Coach?

At EMP180, expert client service is our number one priority. Our coaches are vital to our client’s successful weight loss journey.  Our coaches will tailor the most effective weight loss plan for each client, making adjustments as needed throughout the program. We educate, support and motivate our clients. We provide nutritional guidance, assistance with meal planning, and advice on dining out. We also discuss the role that fitness will play in sustaining weight loss. We listen and attempt to understand our clients from the inside and offer suggestions on ways to reduce stress and manage triggers.

What can I expect from working with an EMP180 Nutritional and Wellness Coach?

Think of your Nutritional and Wellness coach as your guide and your cheerleader. Your coach will make sure you have the tools needed to succeed while on program and beyond.

Having someone by your side every step of the way will increase your chances for success. Your coach will provide you with the following:

  • Accountability
  • Education
  • Understanding of your daily habits of food and drink intake.
  • Explanations of the basic function of your body mechanics and what nutrients your body needs to make weight loss and healthy habits sustainable.
  • Guidance for self-reliance, helping you take ownership of nutrition and exercise while adopting lifelong healthier habits.

Will I have access to a Nutritional and Wellness Coach after reaching my weight-loss goals?

Once you reach your EMPowered weight you will become a “graduate” of the EMP180 Program and a client for life. The accountability continues as you will continue to work with our coaches.   During the maintenance phase your coach will:

  • Create a customized eating plan, including a list of specific foods.
  • Provide menu plans, recipes and food prep ideas that will make following your new eating plan easy.
  • Help you plan proper meals and snacks, including help with identifying the right foods to purchase and prepare.
  • Work with you on finding the right mix of physical activity that will help you enjoy continued weight loss.
  • Educate you on the best food choices for your body composition