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The impact of obesity on health is linked to serious health complications and diseases. The best course of action toward optimal health is preventative care, and screenings for these conditions are imperative. A total body composition analysis is a way to gather information about the body that can help determine and predict potential health complications. Visit us at one of our Virginia locations in Vienna, Woodbridge, Alexandria or Ashburn. We are also located in Rockville, MD. To schedule a consultation, call EMP180⁰ Weight Loss today.

Obesity Screenings Q & A

What is an obesity screening?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is often used as an objective indicator of whether a person is underweight, at a healthy weight or obese. Obesity is classified as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30. To determine your BMI there is a calculated formula using components from weight, height and other specifications. EMP180 uses the most advanced technology offered and goes well beyond establishing your BMI. We will also evaluate additional body components such as percentage of body fat, muscle mass, body fat mass, metabolic age and more. These screenings are simple and effective and will assist in determining the best course of action.

Is there a cost to have an obesity screening at EMP180?

Screenings such as the one offered at EMP180 can cost as much as hundreds of dollars. At all of our EMP180 locations we offer not only initial obesity screenings but a private consultation with a certified nutritionist or dietitian for a small fee of $30.00.

Why are these screenings so important?

Obesity is increasingly viewed as a serious health issue. Physicians, insurers and employers have come to see these screenings as a tool to set a course of action to improve weight status and other risk factors for important health outcomes. These screenings can provide professionals with information needed to determine which additional services and counseling are needed for future health.

What if I want to re-start the program?

Of course! Whether you are interested in additional weight loss or simply want to start the EMP180 program again, our coaches can devise the best plan to get you to your new goals.

Why is life-long support important?

Eating habits do not change overnight and it is important to develop healthy eating patterns that are sustainable over a lifetime. This lifestyle change is a process, and our EMP180 staff will help to educate clients about the correct macronutrients and eating patterns necessary to insure your success. This nutritional advice combined with emotional support promotes accountability and encourages behavioral changes that will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.