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As the years go by and your responsibilities become greater, getting motivated to lose weight can feel nearly impossible. If you’re committed to making a change, the specialists at EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® are ready to help you finally shed serious pounds. The weight loss centers in Vienna, Woodbridge, Alexandria, & Ashburn, Virginia and Rockville, Maryland offer customizable weight loss programs to fit your lifestyle and increase your chances of success. To schedule a consultation, call EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® today.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why is long-term weight control so difficult?

If you’ve tried to lose weight but haven’t been able to make it last, just know you are not alone. There have been many studies that show most people who try to lose weight fail. The main reason for this is a lack of understanding about underlying causes, overeating, and weight gain.

Knowing what triggers you to overeat will ultimately help you to your long-term success. The EMP 180⁰ Inner Diet Personal Assessment System is designed to address these things. You’ll dig deep to discover what your eating habits are, and learn how to break them.

The coaches at EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® will help you understand exactly why you have cravings, binges, and what contributes to your extra weight. Finally, you’ll be able to beat the endless cycle of dieting, weight loss, and weight gain. With EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss®, you’ll learn to maintain your weight loss for life.

What is the EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss™ program?

The EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® program is focused on combining the most advanced nutritional sciences behind weight loss. The program will teach you how to drop the weight and keep it off. You’ll gain skills like:

  • Making the proper food selections
  • Preparing healthy meals at home
  • Choosing the right foods while dining at restaurants or when you're on the go
  • Scheduling proper meal and snack times

How will a coach help me in the weight loss program?

The personalized coaching part of the EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® program is twofold. You'll learn the EMP inner coaching technique, which helps you address the psychological and emotional causes of your overeating and weight gain. Additionally, you'll learn how to coach yourself towards positive thinking and healthy rewards.

You will also work with a personal weight loss and nutritional coach. Your coach will typically meet with you at least once a week to help you with all aspects of your customized nutritional program, your weight loss, and your long-term health and wellness.

Your coach will help you through the weight loss process and will teach you how to continue your new healthy habits for long-lasting results. The goal is to empower you to maintain your weight loss for a lifetime.


* Presented results are not guaranteed for every individual. Weight loss results may vary. 

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