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Trying to lose weight alone is no easy feat to achieve, which is why it’s important to have a team of professionals cheering you on every step of the way. EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® offers residents in and around Vienna, Woodbridge, Alexandria & Ashburn, Virginia and Rockville, Maryland convenient weight loss centers to go to for support in dieting and exercising. The EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® coaches and staff are ready to guide you in the right direction to long-term weight loss success. Make an appointment at the weight loss center by calling today.

Weight Loss Center Q & A

What can a weight loss center do for me?

Your weight loss center is the epicenter for getting long-term support with your diet and exercise regimen from professionals in the field of nutrition and wellness. At EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss®, your individual needs will guide a customized plan for your weight loss goals. By addressing your struggles with losing weight, and creating a diet plan that works for your lifestyle, you are more likely to drop serious weight and keep it off for good.

EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® isn’t about a quick fix with an exit date. When you become a client, you can expect a gradual and sustainable weight loss plan that is easy for you to maintain. Once you reach your goals, you will have continuous support from the weight loss specialists to ensure the weight doesn’t come back.

How is this weight loss center different from others?

EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® center focuses on your long-term success, even after you’ve lost weight. Whether you have type 2 diabetes and want to control your blood sugar, or have stubborn weight that won’t come off, you’ll have the support of a personal coach who will always be there for you to provide support and guidance when you need it the most. Once you’ve reached your EMPowered Weight®, the continued support you get will ensure your 180 transformation is within your grasp.

What services doesEMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® offer?

Along with customized diet and exercise regimens designed to decrease your body fat and build muscles, EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® uses innovative technologies to take your weight loss journey to the next level. From machines that help you get rid of stubborn bellyfat, to programs which help you delve deep into your subconscious, the professionals at EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® want to ensure your success by any means possible.

If fat around your mid-section is your trouble area, try the vibration/oscillation platform. This machine helps people on the weight loss program lose stubborn fat for good.

Getting to the core of unhealthy eating habits runs deep. The EMPowered Audio Program helps you uncover those underlying causes that made you gain weight through personalized hypnosis so you can fight your triggers.


* Presented results are not guaranteed for every individual. Weight loss results may vary. 


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