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Weight Loss Specialist located in Vienna, VA, Woodbridge, VA, Alexandria, VA, Ashburn, VA & Rockville, MD

EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® is a weight loss clinic that aims to empower you to change your life through diet, exercise, and coaching. Clients in the Vienna, Woodbridge, Alexandria & Ashburn, Virginia and Rockville, Maryland areas can take advantage of special tools like the EMP 180⁰ Inner Diet Personal Assessment System, which helps determine the reasons for past weight gain. Other special tools include the vibration/oscillation platform, the EMPowerment Audio Program, and the EMP 180⁰ Exercise Program. To learn more, call us today.

Weight Loss Clinic Q & A

Why choose a weight loss clinic?

A weight loss clinic, like EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss®, provides a level of support that's just not possible anywhere else. The EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® team is dedicated to helping you lose weight by addressing all of the factors that contribute to your weight gain. The specialists will help you understand why you haven’t been able to lose weight, assess your current habits, and help you form new ones to get you where you want to be.

At EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss®, your weight loss plan is personalized for your specific needs. Clients from 18 years old to "super seniors" well over 70 can benefit from the services offered here. Whether you're highly active or have limited mobility, there's a custom weight loss plan that will work for you.

If you have a chronic condition like diabetes, EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® can still help. We're able to customize your eating plan to reduce blood sugar, lower blood pressure, or help with many different health problems while still losing the extra weight. Whatever your story is, you will work with a coach to create a plan that works well for you.

What is unique about the EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® clinic's diet plan?

You will be treated like the unique individual you are. The EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® counselors offer guidance that's tailored just for you. Your counselor will help you learn how to choose the right foods, how to prepare delicious and healthy menus at home, and how to make good choices when you're dining out.

An important aspect of the EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® clinic's plan is uncovering the cause of your weight gain and overeating. Once you know why these things happen, you're in a great position to make the positive changes needed to keep the weight off for good.

Is exercise really that important to achieving weight loss?

EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® recognizes that regular exercise is critical to losing weight and keeping it off. The customized exercise plans include cardiovascular exercise, muscle building exercise, and innovative technologies, like the oscillation/vibration platform for accelerated weight loss. By combining exercise methods, you'll be able to lose weight even more quickly.


* Presented results are not guaranteed for every individual. Weight loss results may vary. 


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