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A wellness coach is a vital part of your successful and long-lasting weight loss, and Vienna, Woodbridge, Alexandria & Ashburn, Virginia and Rockville, Maryland have experienced coaches ready to help you. The EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® team offers weekly wellness coaching to help you stay on track with your diet and exercise plans. Call anytime to arrange an appointment at EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss®.

Wellness Coach Q & A

What is a wellness coach?

The wellness coach's job includes getting to know you and your health history so that they can tailor the most effective weight loss plan for you. They can adjust your diet for special needs like diabetes or other chronic conditions, and customize your food intake based on your needs. Your wellness coach will help you make the long-term health changes you need to keep the weight off permanently.

Once you’ve achieved your weight loss goal, you can count on your wellness coach to provide you with support to maintain your healthy weight.

What type of support does your wellness coach offer?

Think of your wellness coach as your guide as well as your cheerleader. Your coach is here to make sure you have the tools needed to succeed and encourage you to keep going. Having someone by your side every step of the way will only increase your chances for success.

The support you can expect includes:

  • Providing you with a customized eating plan, including a list of specific foods
  • Giving you menu plans and food prep ideas that will make following your new eating plan easy
  • Providing guidance about choosing healthy options when you're out to eat or away from home
  • Helping you plan proper mealtimes and snack times
  • Designing an exercise program that works for your needs and your metabolism

How often will you see your wellness coach?

Most clients see their wellness coach at EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss® at least once a week. If you have questions or concerns, your wellness coach is here.

Remember, this weight loss plan isn't a starvation diet. Stay on track with your weight loss plan, and check in with your coach when you feel yourself slipping or want to make a change.

Your wellness coach wants to live up to their name by helping you achieve optimal wellness, and that doesn't mean going hungry. By following the guidelines your wellness coach gives you, you'll have the very best chance to achieve your EMPowered Weight®  – the weight that is healthiest and happiest for you. These brief visits will help you stay on track so you can maintain your weight loss for good.


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