Body Fat % Decrease
Visceral Fat % Decrease
Weight Loss

Rich is now at a weight he hasn’t seen in 20+ years. Rich was a pleasure to have as a client, while his professional is a financial advisor, he could be a chef at any high-end restaurant. He used his culinary skills to create some of the most delicious, aesthetically appealing EMP 180⁰ compliant meals we have ever seen. Rich’s creations are a main reason we will be publishing an EMP 180⁰ recipe and cook book that is solely based on our many client’s wonderful creations. He began his journey for many of the same reasons that hundreds of others that have joined EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss™. He wanted to become healthier through the benefits of weight loss, he wanted to increase his energy levels and once again work out daily. We are proud to say you can find Rich active at his gym, sometimes even doing two workouts a day. After losing over 53 pounds, Rich will tell you if you would like to change your life through weight loss please call and stop in at EMP 180⁰ to see for yourself how we can help you. Rich’s results can be seen visually and perhaps more important by the improvement in his body composition numbers.

Here’s his success:

Body Fat Percentage: down by more than 44%
Visceral Fat: internal/organ fat down 57%
Metabolic Age: Down 16 years, which creates many benefits.

We are honored and pleased to have Rich as a client and ambassador of EMP 180⁰ Weight Loss – he is now at his EMPowered Weight® and it is our goal to help Rich stay there forever.