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Steven Townsend
5/06/2019 - Google

For years I've been on Atkins, Keto and other eating plans to try to find a way to lose weight and establish an approach to eating that would help me keep weight off and be sustainable. I could only get so far on Keto and it left me craving carbs. With EMP 180 I got the coaching, food and accountability I needed to push through some of the previous barriers and I'm still going. I'm down to 14.5% body fat (at age 57) and going for 10%. I'm wearing jean sizes I've not fit into in 30 years. My knees and joints feel better and I've got a lot more energy. If you're tired of the ups and downs, trials and failures on eating plans that have not provided the transformation you've been looking for, go to EMP 180 and learn about their approach to see if its for you. I'd give 6 stars if it was an option, good luck!

Pete Wilhelm
5/03/2019 - Google

Never could get below my “set point” of 170. At 162 and headed lower to my goal of 145. Even lost a lb at Jazz Fest! And that’s the richest food on the planet. Go for it and be 😊

David Morris
4/18/2019 - Google

As a recent graduate I cannot say enough about the program, staff, and life change I experienced at EMP180 in Tysons VA. In 10 months I lost 100 pounds and feel incredible! The program really worked for me and helped guide me through my food choices whether that was EMP180 provided food, whole foods I purchased, healthy snacks, or eating out. Though the program is not inexpensive it was worth every penny and when I add up spending less on groceries, reducing the times and quantity of food eating out, and cutting out all of the junk food and sodas, the price is more reasonable than you would think. The caring and professional staff supported and encouraged me every step of my journey and continue to do so. I could not have achieved my goal without them. Love you all!

Best of all, I now have the strength and energy to participate in all of the activities that I used to enjoy. And this new healthy lifestyle will allow me to enjoy a longer and fuller future with my family and friends. Thank you EMP180!

Brandon Lay
3/31/2019 - Google

I don’t have enough good things to say about EMP180. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the program is simple to follow. All I’ve done since starting with EMP180 is to follow the program to the letter, take all the suggestions from their nutritionists, and reap unbelievable results. I’ve lost over 90 pounds in 5 months and continue to have large losses each week. I’m healthier, I feel better, and I look better. I knew about EMP180 for a long time before I walked through the door the first time and all I can say is I wish I had started sooner. It’s super simple, super effective, and it has changed my life. The program has given me a new and informed outlook on nutrition and how to properly fuel my body now and into the future. If you’re thinking about it, just do it. It will change your life.

Dr. Cecil Huang
3/31/2019 - Google

Simply put, the program works! I dropped 30 pounds (from 205 to 175) in 12 weeks. Now, 2 months after graduation, I still get comments at work every day!

Bridget O
3/18/2019 - Google

EMP 180 has changed my life. I have lost over 50 lbs on the program and more importantly I have learned so much about about nutrition and how to fuel my body effectively. After struggling with my weight for few years (especially after having kids and a Being diagnosed as pre-diabetic) I knew something had to change. From the moment I stepped into EMP 180 I knew the program was different from everything else I had tried (other diets, strict work outs). The ladies at the Rockville awesome are amazing - always so cheerful and encouraging! I appreciate the weekly check-ins - helps me stay on track and get my questions answered. Having my body composition done weekly is also so rewarding and informative. The difference with this program is that you are able to get visible results quickly and then you are able to learn how to sustain your progress. If you are looking to totally transform your life, give EMP 180 a try.

Taylor Tornatore
3/11/2019 - Google

My name Taylor and when I started EMP180 I weighed 287lbs. I was overweight growing up (despite playing sports year round) and I struggled to control my weight all throughout high school. In my freshman year of college I lost about 60lbs due to a strict diet of Caesar salad and working out for an hour a day, a regimen that was fueled by feeling like the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) among my female friends.

I ditched those friends for other reasons, but the weight slowly crept back on over the net 5 years, until I had gained ~110lbs back. When it all come back, I felt EXHAUSTED all the time. A flight of stairs, walking a block to get lunch, lifting anything heavier than 20lbs was all a struggle.

I hit my breaking point in July of 2018. I attended a wedding with my boyfriend, and we took some pictures with the bride and groom. I didn’t, and still don’t recognize myself in those pictures. I HATED how I looked. I realized that I didn’t want to look at my own engagement or wedding photos and feel that way!

I started researching weight loss programs after I got home from that trip and found EMP180. The appointment schedule was flexible, and you meet with the staff every week to keep you on track and accountable. That’s exactly what I needed!

I’ve lost 80lbs since I started the program in July. I’m still shooting to lose another 30lbs, and I know everyone at EMP180 is cheering me on! The ladies at Rockville especially have been instrumental at keeping me motivated during my rough weeks, and celebrating my successes. And I know they will help me keep it OFF this time around!

To anyone considering joining EMP180: If you put in the effort of following this program, it will change you inside and out! It will challenge you physically and mentally, but you WILL come out stronger for it. It’s been a complete lifestyle change for me, and I’m forever grateful for the support and encouragement I’ve received here.

Thank you EMP180!

loudmanmeech gleesh
2/12/2019 - Google

Friendly people

Brooke Bobincheck
2/12/2019 - Google

Expensive but seems worth it

Ed Foley
9/12/2018 - Google

The program has been great and I cant say enough good things about Raechel, my nutritionist counsellor, who has been a great support and resource from Day 1. Highly recommend EMP 180 to anyone serious about committing to weight loss and better health!